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Professional Pool Cleaning
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709 Bailey Road

El Paso,  TX  79932

915-910-2908  or  915-407-3953

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Why choose ERALAND'S Custom Pools, LLC

One of the amazing benefits of living in the Southwest, we are fortunate to have many months of beautiful warm weather, which allows you to  enjoy your swimming pool almost year round.  However, we are subjected to extreme heat and ferocious winds that bring dirt and debris to your yards.  Along with some of those cold weather temperatures which can provide a host of issues for the swimming pool water.

With that, there is so much going on beneath the surface of your pool—and that’s why pool maintenance involves much more than a simple sweeping, vacuuming and water test.  Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC cleaning service, we are knowledgeable and well trained with advanced remote monitoring devices, sophisticated pumps, lighting systems and controls used to operate your pool. We also consider and address the beautiful tile you selected—along with the spa and waterfall. Every aspect of your swimming pool must be operating correctly and looking its best for the enjoyment of  your swimming pool.

Maintaining a swimming pool does require special skills and knowledge not to mention TIME. Your pool environment is one of many responsibilities on your grounds, and taking on regular cleaning, chemistry adjustments and preventive maintenance can become a burden. Why not let Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC take on that burden? 

Customers who partner with us to design and build their swimming pools also choose us as their pool maintenance professional. Do you already have a pool cleaning service? After decades of designing, building and maintaining custom built luxury pools and spas, we have seen situations where poor maintenance, or lack of maintenance, results in poor pool equipment performance or costly repairs due to neglect. Allow Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC to share with you how we execute our cleaning services that differs from other cleaning services.

What ERALAND'S Custom Pools, LLC 
provides when you hire our cleaning services:



Regular review and examination of filters and valves. Making sure all drain covers are in place and secure which are a safety measure to meet codes. We will check for any irregularities in the pool water, pool plaster, deck, lights, plumbing, electrical and equipment. Any issues that are requiring to be addressed will be brought to the attention of the customer. Any repairs or replacements are done at an additional charge.


Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC standard cleaning services will provide sweeping of pool floor and walls. Vacuuming. Testing the water to make sure all chemicals are balanced to provide the cleanest and clearest pool water. All chemicals required to maintain the pool is provided by Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC which includes chlorine, acids, shock treatment, salt if required and any other chemicals needed to maintain the swimming pool.


All repairs and replacements are not part of the standard cleaning service.
As a licensed and registered swimming pool contractor in the State of Texas, Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC is authorized to provide repairs or replacements for any issue involving the swimming pool equipment, electrical, plumbing, deck, plaster and any other components that require professional attention.



You can choose to have Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC provide standard cleaning services once a week, Bi-Monthly or even once a month. It is your choice. We recommend  during the hot summer months a weekly standard cleaning service. When the months get cooler, including the Winter, we suggest Bi-Monthly standard cleaning service. Many think that cleaning a swimming pool during the winter is not necessary. That is far from correct. Even when a pool is not being used as much during the Winter, the water still requires regular testing and cleaning.


  • Is your swimming pool old?

  • Tired looking?

  • Outdated?

As a professional contractor in designing and building luxury swimming pools here in the Southwest, Eraland’s Custom Pools, LLC can provide you with a new look or new swimming pool that will bring you amazement and awe. Let us help you in bring back to life your tired pool. We also provide full scope landscaping and Outdoor Living construction. We can bring your dream yard into reality.


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